The strength of Cornwall Hill College Preparatory School academics lies in dedicated, passionate and hardworking teachers
and staff entrusted with our pupils learning.

The Junior Preparatory School follows the National CAPS Curriculum facilitated by outstanding teachers whose prime focus
is to develop learning of the 'whole child' in a supportive and nurturing environment. Throughout the foundation phase children
learn values, skills and knowledge over a broad range of subjects. Extensive use is made of innovative educational tools such
as Thrass and Mathletics, supplemented by specialist computer and tablet programs.
Other subjects such as Natural Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Afrikaans and Sepedi are all taught as an inclusive
package to give children the start they need academically leading into the Senior Preparatory.

Grade Four children form part of the Senior Preparatory School where these important values, skills and knowledge now develop
within subject arenas. In Grade Four children are taught primarily by register teachers monitoring their progress in class as well as
through formal assessments and tests helping us best enhance every child's learning and growth. In Grade Five children are placed
into a register class timetabled to specialist teachers who shape their progress within each specific subject, exemplified by the
internationally recognised ICDL Computer Programme.

At this stage of their school life, Cornwall Hill College exposes all our children to opportunities afforded nationally through
standardised tests, assessments and internationally recognised benchmarking exercises. These include AMESA Mathematics
Competition, Conquesta for languages, Regional Science Expos and IEB Core Skills. Although these happen during the
Senior Preparatory phase they encompass the entire journey of learning by each child throughout their years in the
Preparatory School. We pride ourselves on achievements in all these areas. Our children and educators richly deserve
having been acknowledged as the top performing Preparatory School in South Africa in the AMESA Mathematics
Challenge. Analysis of the annual IEB Core Skills Benchmarking Exercise clearly shows Cornwall significantly outperforming
the national results of other participating schools.

Our greatest attribute will always be the unparalleled team of dedicated educators 'seeing', acknowledging and nurturing
the spirit and whole growth of each and every child within in an environment designed to stimulate and foster children's
academic and personal development.

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