CHC Prep is a unique and happy place. This starts with sourcing truly special staff to facilitate the knowing and
growing of each child. In sourcing them, one over-riding question dominates our thoughts during the interview
process although it is actually never asked: “Would I let you babysit my child?” The staff who are fortunate enough
to join our team have all passed muster in this regard.

These staff then facilitate the most important transition in a child's schooling: walking them through the processes
from their “first day of big school”  through to being mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually ready for their
journey through High School.

These are exciting times, filled with laughter, fun and growing experiences. Education, through and beyond the
curriculum is required. Externally benchmarked academic accreditations  attest to the incredible levels of prowess our
children display. They are not the true measure of our curriculum though. In order to fully understand what the learning
process entails one would need to walk the corridors, look into the classrooms and see children learning. Listen to the
teachers talking to them. Observe how they talk to each other, engaging in the lessons. Here one does not see innovation
and technological mastery as ends unto themselves. Like everything we do, they serve the greater purpose of growing each
child.This extends to our co-curricular programme. Every child participates in this, benefitting from representing the school
and being part of peer development through teams and groups.

We invite you to book a visit to our school. We welcome visitors to come and experience what we see and do every day.

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