Preschool PhotoIn the Pre-School Phase, emphasis is placed on exploration and discovery within a framework of personal
and social responsibility. Within a nurturing environment, we plan our curriculum around individual needs
for growth, creating opportunities for our children to become independent by learning to take care of themselves,
to work out their problems and to become responsible for their actions. Close attention is paid to each child’s progress.
Ongoing observation of the children’s behaviour, participation and progress is documented and shared with parents
verbally, graphically and through written reports.

We believe that parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. It is in his or her own family that the child
first gains a basic sense of trust and security and first learns to respond to others. Pre-School is a bridge between
home and formal school and we aim to become partners with parents, as together we seek the child’s
optimum growth. Our school offers guidance to parents in understanding how young children grow and learn.
We also offer the children a warm and loving ‘first school experience’ to supplement and enrich their lives.


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