Pupil Leadership

At Cornwall Hill College, we believe in a holistic approach to education. As a result, we believe that all pupils have inherent elements of leadership within them. These need to be explored and developed over time. Through the lens of servant leadership, we will equip each pupil with the means to work both independently and with others. We will endeavour to empower the pupils to lead in whichever context or capacity that they may find themselves.  

From 2019, the College has paired up with an international company to write a unique “Cornwall Hill College” leadership curriculum. With the support and training of these experts in the field of leadership, our staff has been trained and prepared to assist the pupils in mapping out the uncharted future which awaits each and every one of them.

Because the growth of self knowledge and confidence to lead is a continuous journey of discovery, the leadership development course aims to guide and nurture this growth throughout each pupil’s school career in a practical way.  Through various tasks and activities, pupils will discover their personality strengths and weaknesses and recognise the ‘motivating environment’ conducive for reaching their unique goals.

The pupils are afforded various opportunities throughout the College to put their practical skills and knowledge into good use. Pupils can be elected or selected into positions of leadership in many varied capacities:

1: Class Representatives

Each Tutor Group elects a representative to represent their small group of approximately fifteen pupils with respect to pastoral matters. These pupils form part of a Student Representative Council which discusses issues raised by the pupils and brings them to the attention of the Student Executive Council as well as Management.

2: Captains / Leaders of Activities

Pupils are appointed as “captains” of groups such as sport teams, service teams, first aid teams, sound and lighting teams, choir groups and many more. These pupils assume the role of assisting the staff members of each activity with the organisation of that activity, as well as the motivation of the pupils within that activity. Pupil leadership plays a vital role in the success of a variety of activities offered by the College.

3: Mentorship Programmes

As a College, we feel that each pupil in our care needs to live the values and principles that our school holds dear. To achieve this, we are continually working on mentorship programmes between the various grades to shape our pupils behaviour and actions to mirror the “Cornwall Hill way”. Our pupils reach the pinnacle of their leadership journey in their Matric year and through the various programmes, they help impart important knowledge and skills to future generations that walk the passages of Cornwall Hill College.

4:  Senior Executive Council (SECs)

Our Senior Executive Council (prefect body) is elected annually by the pupils of the College to lead them through the following year. This group of Grade 12 pupils serves the College as a unified body, with each member given a refined focus on one of the following portfolios: Heads of Academic, Heads of Culture, Heads of House, Heads of Pupil Management, Heads of Social Responsibility and Service, Heads of Sport, and Heads of Spirit and Social.

These young ladies and gentleman are given the opportunity to take the lead in the running of activities with the support of the greater SEC group. The SEC’s are the liaison between the pupil body and the staff and their input and opinion is critical in making our College a happy place where pupils feel heard and able to express themselves in a safe environment.

Each of these portfolios encourages a sub committee of pupils working with them to make their tasks easier and to be able to gain the input of a wider audience. This therefore creates further opportunities for leadership development within the College for all.

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