A highlight of our annual calendar is the Grade camps which happen in January each year. Each grade visits a different camp
site with the common goal being bonding as a grade, and with their teachers, in order to have a unified year ahead.

The grade camps give the pupils an opportunity to unite as a team while stepping out of their comfort zone.  
On these camps the pupils learn a great deal about themselves as well as their peers.  
While the camp venues could change from time to time, the primary focus of each camp programme is different for each grade.  
The grade 8 camp is designed to integrate the new pupils to the school while focusing on issues such as working as a team
and developing leadership.  
In Grade 9 the focus is on more challenging adventure based activities which highlight the value of a team and teach
the pupils to work together.  Our Grade 10's do not visit a camp site, but rather stay in Pretoria and participate in an Outreach
week where they visit different organisations daily.  This week results in our pupils doing some soul searching as they realise the
challenges faced by others in the community, by animals and the environment.  
Finally, the Grade 11 camp focuses on leadership identification. A challenging adventure based camp programme brings out the
true individual and shows their ability to work together with their peers.

Every year, the pupils come back from camp with mixed experiences. They all, however, agree that the week has added to their
development as an individual and they have memories to carry with them for many years.

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