As a Counselling and Careers Support team, we have adopted a whole-school approach to support our school community. We strive to work holistically, preventatively and systematically in order to best meet the needs of our pupils. The support Team consists of College Counsellor/Psychometrist Mrs Justine Bloemink, Mr Peter Anthony and School Chaplain Mr Michael Neumann.

The Counselling and Careers Support team form part of the Tutor Support team, and collaborate closely with the Academic Support team, the Pastoral Support team, the Positive Behaviour Support team, as well as Life Orientation teachers.

The full Policy documents are available on the D6 Communicator


Our Counselling Team is available to assist pupils currently experiencing emotional difficulties or simply requiring assistance with personal management. The team works holistically with all parties concerned, namely parents and teachers. Intervention is aimed at enhancing personal functioning by establishing supportive and compensatory relationships. Pupils requiring more advanced interventions are referred to outside professionals. Established networks with outside professionals assist with support and monitoring of pupils facing challenging situations.

Subject Choice & Career Guidance

A relevant and meaningful subject choice rest on our understanding of our strengths and interests. The subject choice process is very important as it determines admission to certain study courses and therefore influences the pupil’s eventual career choice. Our career path is also influenced by our personality traits and preferences. Our psychometrist is available to perform assessments measuring psychological functions including cognitive ability, interest, aptitude, and personality. The Life Orientation programme links to this journey of self-exploration and, in conjunction with school marks and previous experience, the pupil can be realistically guided in the decision making process.

Career Development & Opportunity

An annual Career Day is hosted in September where tertiary institutions from all over the country and abroad are represented, including University of Pretoria, WITS, Rhodes, University of the Free State, as well as St Andrews College from Scotland. Various fashion, design & photography colleges, business schools, and hospitality institutes are also represented. Institutions scouting and placing students in America on sporting scholarships also attend. Sound relationships with these institutions have been established over time.
Our Counselling Team is available to assist with research of information relating to tertiary institutions, such as APS required, full time vs part time vs correspondence, study fees, bursary opportunities, accommodation etc. As well as research of post-graduate information such as job availability, salary scales, internships, community service etc.

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