Boarding at Cornwall Hill CollegeCornwall Hill College offers boarding facilities for both boys and girls from Grade 8 - 12. Hill House,
established in 2008, caters for over 60 boys while a newer Tintagel House, opened in 2014, offers
accommodation for 32 girls. The caring and supportive boarding environment allows space for the
pupils to grow in confidence and develop friendships that will last a life time. Cornwall Hill College
Boarding is an exciting and vibrant community, a “home away from home”. The pupils are strongly
encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life to become active and happy members of the
school community. Socially, they learn to interact with boys and girls of different ages from diverse
backgrounds, teaching them tolerance and understanding.

The pupils are divided into family groups, each of which is under the care of a Family Head who
supervises their daily activities and takes responsibility for the pastoral care of the pupils in the group,
much like parents would do at home. Through bonding sessions created by various shared activities,
the boys and girls have established a “brother and sisterhood” where “all for one and one for all” really
does become their mantra.

A structured programme, monitored by the Boarding Staff and Head of Boarding, has been developed to
promote a balance between the pupils’ academic and co-curricular programmes. Academic monitoring
and support is available both at the school and at the Boarding Residences.

The facilities available in our Boarding Residences are modern and comfortable. The pupils have a private
area as their bedroom, eventhough the rooms are two pupils sharing. The ratio of pupils to bathroom
facilities is low and great care is taken by the pupils to respect the privacy of their fellow house mates.
Comfortable Recreation Rooms will be found in each of the residences where the pupils are able to relax
and watch television in their free time. Next to the Boarding Residences are the swimming pools and Fitness
Centre. With parental consent, these are available for use of the boarders during the week and weekends.


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