Cornwall Hill College prides itself in achieving and maintaining excellent academic standards. In Grade 12
our pupils write the Independent Examination Board’s National Senior Certificate Examination. Since
its inception, the College has had no failures, while our pupils are mentioned in the top 1% of various
subject areas and a number of our top performers appear in the top 50 nationally.  We further pride
ourselves that a number of staff members are National Examiners, Moderators for Languages as well as
School Based Assessment Moderators for various subjects.

Apart from the Grade 12 final examinations the College also enters all Grade 9 pupils for the annual
International Benchmark Tests (IBT’s) conducted by the Australian Board of Educational research (ACER).
 These tests measure the academic performance of pupils in English and Mathematics and compare them
with their counterparts in countries like Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai.  The test averages
are consistently on par with the test averages of the countries mentioned.  A number of pupils have been
placed in the top 1% of pupils writing the assessments.

The College make use of the latest technology with regards to online assessments and has successfully run
IBT tests for Grade 11 Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

Apart from the assessments mentioned, the College also encourages pupils to take part in the various
Olympiads that are on offer.  Pupils have successfully entered and excelled in the De Beers English Olympiad
and the (ATKV) Afrikaans Gebruiks Olimpiade to mention a few.

The College timetable is structured in such a manner that a variety of subject combinations can be offered for our
pupils in the Further Education Training (FET) phase.

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