The Cornwall Hill College Music Academy would like to introduce the wonderful world of music by providing your
child the opportunity to play a musical instrument, become involved in a music ensemble or any other music-related
activity offered by the College.

Music is the 'Universal Language' of the world and the Music Academy firmly believes that our pupils should be
prepared to leave our school as valuable, well-balanced members of society.

The importance of playing a musical instrument is paramount during adolescence for the following reasons:

  • Music offers young people the opportunity for self-expression through a nonverbal, creative and
    meaningful medium 
  • It has the ability to form strong bonds between pupils of all ages through ensemble work like singing in a
    choir or by playing in a school band or orchestra
  • Self- discipline is developed through regular practice 
  • Music develops cognitive and analytical skills, improves the powers of concentration and trains the memory
  • Music performance improves self-confidence




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